Thursday, September 4, 2014

Boy, Lubos Is Really Tired Of Brian Cox

No, not the actor--everybody loves him--the physicist, best known here in the states as the presenter of Wonders of the Solar System. Well, Cox is one of those trying to cash in on the Thermageddon gravy train. But Lubos, who knows a thing or two about physics, counts that as only one of the many incompetencies Cox displays with a 99.9999-percent confidence level.
"It's not just the lunar phases or locality or the exclusion principle that he totally misunderstands (be sure that I haven't discussed every misconception of his that has made me very angry). He actually doesn't build on science; he builds on licking the rectums of the powerful and those who are brainwashed by currently fashionable political deviations. Cox is a kitsch for the least demanding audiences."
Read the whole thing here and revel in the 5-sigma stompage.


B.C. said...

Dammit. I loved watching Wonders of the Solar System. Now I'll never be able to look at anything he does without asking "How much money is he being paid to pedal this 'fact' and is he, in fact, full of shit?".

Glow Bull Worming: It's The Pedophilia of Science--- One Strike and You're Out.

Eric Praline said...

That's some damned fine stompage. I've never seen Wonders of the Solar System, but "Professor" Cocks sounds like a white Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Anonymous said...

We get the twat in New Zealand. He's smug and I'd like to burn him. Not all over, just the face.

skybill said...

That is "Spacey!!"