Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New Window Dressing

Obama's Thermageddon Summit FAIL

Unexpectedly, a few luminaries won't be attending....
Aussie PM Tony Abbott...? Sorry, too busy running the country.
Indian PM Narendra Modi...? Too busy scrapping 'green energy.'
Canadian PM Stephen Harper...? Too busy selling oil-sands gas to the Chinese instead of us.
Oh, and speaking of the Chinese...? Still laughing about Copenhagen.
Yeah, I'm still laughing about Jokenhagen too.
Still, Obamandias can count on "Weepy" Bill McKibben and the Communist Party USA to be there...but I repeat myself.
Oh wait, did I say "Weepy" Bill McKibben? Why yes...yes I did.

Mmmm, Smokin'

Tuesday Tit-illation: Timea