Sunday, August 30, 2015

Coffee Creamer: You're In My Spot


Leonard Jones said...

Steamboat is going to love this story. I was 1 of 3 aces to hire on at the
Smurfit Stone Container Corp mill in Vernon California as maintainence mechanics.
Jim Cox was the most gifted Millwrights/mechanic I ever met! One of
the two paper machines was shut down. Being the 3 most recent hires, we
were offered positions in production ahead of production workers. I was
the only one to decline the offer.

Jim and my other friend Tom took bottom wrung production jobs. At the paper
mill, there resided a family of feral cats, headed by the Matriarch Butthead.
For some reason, electricians are queer for cats. Since they worked rotating
shifts, the feral cats were eating out of their hands.

Jim, a fat-assed tattooed bearded biker went into the electrical shop for
a break. He sat on a shop stool across from a long work bench and began
chatting with the shift electrician. Butthead jumped up on the workbench
and stared at Jim. At some point, Jim asked what is up with the cat?
The electrician replled "You are in his chair."

Butthead and Jim are no longer with us, and someday I hope to rebuild
his scooter if I am ever healthy enough start working on it again

Flaxen Saxon said...

Get well Mr Jones and build that bloody scooter.

Flaxen Saxon said...

Nice pussy.