Friday, August 28, 2015

Corset Friday WIth Steampunk And Tats

Have a Spaasfabrik weekend.


Flaxen Saxon said...

What the hell is a man to think, except for the last two, they are cool, very cool. Mayhap, I am in the wrong genre. But I do love this site/sight.

edutcher said...

Sorry, the broad with the blue hair is built great, but she's not that great looking and she needs to get rid of the food coloring.

All of it.

Leonard Jones said...

Sorry, nothing gets my dick "limper" than seeing an otherwise beautiful
woman festooned with tramp stamps and unnatural hair colors. In the 80s,
I was servicing an air compressor at a body shop in the South Bay area
of Los Angsles.

I sat in the alley writing up the invoice when this teenage chick
appeared. Mohawk hair cut, leather miniskirt, studded dog collar around
her neck, etc. She was a poster child for the punk movement. I laughed
so hard, I am a sure I made her cry!

If you have an identity crisis this severe, there is no hope for you!