Monday, January 4, 2016

Monday Motivationator: Old School

Now go! Fight! Win!


Leonard Jones said...

Her face (Not that I was fixating on that area of her body,)
reminds me of an actress but I just can't bring her name
to mind.

Patroller said...

Was it your whore of a sister, looking up at you as you pounded her ass?

B.C. said...

It's really amazing that Pud-Troller was able to pull his nose out of the pubes of his Pisslamic master's crotch long enough to reach a keyboard and scribble out another lame insult. Do the world a favor and go play on the railroad tracks.

Awesome late 80s - early 90s snoochette, SG! Ah.... the memories of a misspent yute.

mushdogs said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mushdogs said...

I used to come for the snooch.
Now it's also to see Patroller for trouser snake get his ass handed to him every time he pipes up.

skybill said...

"Taco Tuesday!!!!!" with dippin' sauce!!
You know he drill!!,

Leonard Jones said...

skybill, Your comment reminded me of this Weird Al classic:

Leonard Jones said...

I would LOVE to chime in, but I decided not to feed
the homosexual trolls a while back. I think
Steamboat is correct, we should not engage him as
this seems to feed his compulsive need for attention!