Friday, June 10, 2016

Leonard's Lunchtime Lesbians


Flaxen Saxon said...

My lunchtimes are never that exciting.

Patroller said...

Disabled toilet. Leonard Jones and Flaxen above are cunts.

Anonymous said...

I see the bone smoking turd has returned. He has a serious problem
with pussy doesn't he! Did his hippy daddy molest him as boy, or
did his mother lock him in the closet when she went out tricking?

No metrosexual Millennial, Latte and cum slurping sissy boy is ever
going to represent a threat to either Leonard or the Flaxen man. I
would pay good money to see a one on one between the Pudtroller and
either of the geezers. The faggot would get his ass stomped like a
baby Harp Seal!

Leonard Jones said...

My name is Leonard Jones and I approve of this photo!