Friday, October 28, 2016

Latent Lingerie

Click to embiggenify and have a Spassfabrik weekend.


furball said...

Ok. I don't mean to get deeply philosophical here, but does anyone else feel like many of these women on "Latent Lingerie" are a little stand-offish or distant? This one isn't as illustrative as some weeks. Some of the lingerie stuff is "old time looking" and even sort of dominant or "Hah! You look, but I don't need you and you can't have it."

Or am I projecting and imagining this? 1, 2 5 and maybe even 6 look like they could care less if a man is around. 3 looks sweet, 4 is smiling, and 7 is at least pulling her panties down.

8 looks kinda harsh and scary in her face, but at least she's showing her bush honestly and brazenly with her leg hiked.

Anyway, I thank the poster. But I like fresh-faced girls who smile and look like they are enjoying letting us look at them. Not some dressed up woman who looks like she's challenging us to be more alpha than she is.

And a girl spreading and offering herself, while looking over her shoulder and smiling at me? Heaven.

Anonymous said...

I think it's just the photography style to make them look "serious" like serious art. Gotta tell 'em something to take their clothes off.

Chris in NC said...

And here I thought it was the best Friday series he's posted yet. If not, it's damn close.

Flaxen Saxon said...

Bugger! The last one- you could lose a badger in.

Critter said...

You said it, Saxon. My brother in Law once had a beard like that. Very disturbing.