Friday, November 11, 2016

Corset Friday Etc.

Have a Spassfabrik weekend.


Flaxen Saxon said...

2,3,4 and 7 rock my world. I suppose I'm getting picky, in old sge.

Flaxen Saxon said...

age, not sge. Arse.

Patroller said...

Flaxen, you are an ould perverted cunt. Your chance has passed mate, only younger endowed studs get to ram these Goddesses.

Why do you continually post on this swamp? I just don't understand your mindset. Disabled toilet.

Leonard Jones is a cunt.

Leonard Jones said...

More lesbians!

Flaxen, old buddy it looks like the knob gobbler is back.
Probably been hiding in is mommies basement since Trump
took out the communist lesbian in the Mao Jacket last
week in a landslide.