Saturday, December 24, 2016

Have a Soylent Christmas Eve

Yeah, there's a WeekENDer in there. Ho. Ho. Ho.


The Jannie said...

Happy Christmas and thank you for brightening my mornings!

Leonard Jones said...

Did the Christmas thing early (Today,) and Santa brought me two
2 DVD's of Lez Porn! The person who gave them to me had no way of
knowing I like the Lezbo action! She musta read my mind.

Anonymous said...

Merry Xmas. Disabled toilet.

Anonymous said...

That last one was a dude at birth .

Leonard Jones said...

I do not think the troll even has a dick! He uses his mouth as
a cock-holster for all his San Franfagshow buddies, but that is as
close as he will ever come to having a dick. Uneducated and PC
neutered Millennials are the most pathetic waste of human skin on
the planet!

Anonymous said...

Leonard, you cunt, how do you know so much about gay porn in California?

I think we all know the answer. Disabled toilet.

Leonard Jones said...

The Troll is crestfallen since he heard his idol (George Michael) had
gone to AIDS Heaven. Like the patroller, he liked to hang out in
gay bathhouses and with butt-cheeks spread wide open in public park

Boy was I shocked when I heard the news Michael was arrested in that
pose in at an L.A. area park!

Nobody had a clue that the guy was a raging knob gobbler. I felt like
Louie Renault when he found out that there was gambling going on in
Ricks Place.