Saturday, December 17, 2016

WeekENDer: Blonde Ambition

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Leonard Jones said...

This one will have the bone smoking troll hiding in his safe space
in the closet of of his mommy's basement quivering in fear like a
Frenchman in a thunderstorm!

I feel like doing the Millennial turd a favor. He can get boned in
the ass 50 times a day by paying a visit to Fairmount Park in Riverside.
All he has to do is enter the Men's room and bend over!

He will be the Belle Of The Ball.

Critter said...

I'd drill this one like I was looking for oil.

Patroller said...

Leonard does seem to have a startling in depth knowledge about the depraved affairs that go on in West Hollywood. What a dirty little so and so!

Disabled toilet.