Friday, January 20, 2017

Latent Lingerie: Muffs And Handcuffs

Have a Spassfabrik weekend.


Leonard Jones said...

Best snapper award goes to the third from the top.


Patroller said...

It won't be a happy trump day for many around the world in the next 4 years.

Leonard will be spending his time wanking over the first lady. What a sad fucking worm.

Disabled toilet.

Unknown said...

I was expecting the millennial rod-smoker with the bukkake fetish to
start flapping his cock-holster not long after a REAL LEADER was sworn

I wonder of the Brokeback Bukkake boy went into mourning when his idol
George Michael bit the big one?

Patroller said...

Unknown (Ahem.. leonard), we'll see how much of a real leader Trump turns about to be, you cretinous fool.

Did you ever think that I may not be a man? Given your limited awareness, I doubt the thought ever flashed across the empty cavern behind your eyes.

Disabled toilet.