Saturday, February 25, 2017

WeekENDer Sushi

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Anonymous said...

Climate change is real. Soylent Green is an idiot.

Leonard Jones said...

What kind of flaming faggot makes comments about "Climate Change"
on a site filled with hot Snooch?

I understand the Pudtroller flunked his 3rd grade science classes so
I am inclined to give him a pass on the grounds of stupidity, but how
can anyone visit this Blog and not notice the hot babes without a
lifetime of taking it in the ass?

If he cannot simply enjoy the view, I strongly advise gay
conversion therapy!

Chris in NC said...

Sure, climate change is real. It's been going on for billions of years. The sun's cycles has a tendency to do that to us...

Anonymous said...

Leonard, you have gone truly mad. Disabled toilet.

Leonard Jones said...

For the benefit of any millennial cock-smoking Internet Trolls, I would advise them to read this article I wrote and posted on this site (If he
can.) Any moron weaned on science by the paid actor in a scripted kiddie show (Bill Nye) should investigate his background. He has a dime a dozen
BS in mechanical science. He was an actor, NOT a scientist.

It is no wonder his generation are functional illiterates. The idiot
was just interviewed, and he claimed that water expands when it gets
warmer! Holy shit, I knew the principals of water in 3rd grade.

Anonymous said...

Leonard, your article is rubbish. Disabled toilet.