Friday, August 1, 2014

An Observation On The EPA Thermagedon Hearings

As awesome as it was seeing 26,000 United Mineworkers shut down Pittsburgh at noon yesterday, clogging the streets outside the federal building where the EPA began two days of public comment on its Back To The Stone Age CO2 Limitation Rule, inside the building, crap like this was being read into the record:
"The consequences of continuing this pattern of energy use are surely devastating both to the atmosphere and the fresh water system, for us and especially for our children and their grandchildren." -- Chatham University biologist Patricia DeMarco.
Could she possibly have added any more ecotard, liberal, zero-sum, misinformed hand wringing? I'll wager she thought it was "devastating" when the Chatham board voted in the spring to go co-ed in an effort to not go broke. Now she has to deal with all that male ickiness, assuming any males actually apply. But I digress.
As some of you may remember, the EPA cut off public comment in 2009 when it was ostensibly formulating these rules, and deleted all comments calling their farmed-out "science" into question.
So while it's gratifying to see some people rally for common sense, it doesn't matter to the elite billionaires funding the ecotard annihilation of the poor, sick and old, and then the rest of us--we spoil the view from the veranda, don't you know--nor does it matter to their bought-and-paid-for minions in the EPA.
When I started my first blog, Soylent Green, the tag line read, "Just what you need when you're freezing in the dark."
After my exile to Siberia, I changed it to reflect the current state of affairs. In the last 13 years this government has systematically moved to take away our energy, food and shelter. So, is throwing thousands of people out of work and quintupling the energy costs for millions going to stop them? No. It's a feature, not a bug.


Eric Praline said...

If the United Mineworkers really cared about their jobs, they'd have lynched their "leadership" after they sent all of their dues money to reelect the Infiltrator-in-Chief. Too little too late boys.

Leonard Jones said...

This is the kind of push back I have been predicting for
years. In 1946, private sector union membership was
about 35 percent. Today,it is around 7 percent and
dropping. These workers were the backbone of the
manufacturing sector that made all of the things
Americans bought and used.

These workers drank the Democrat Kool-Aid and the only
thing they got out of the deal was a sore asshole.
Every major industry in America is losing jobs by the the
millions as a result of the unholy alliance between the
Democrats and the environmental lobby. When labor
finally gets the picture, they will be roasting both
tree-huggers and Democrats on bonfires. Imagine a
bunch of pissed off unemployed pipe fitters, welders,
Millwrights, loggers and Roughnecks marching on
Washington with pitchforks and torches!

If the pansies in the manufacturing sector will not
do it, the hard-asses in the industrial trades will!

ruralcounsel said...

Prof. Demarco better get used to the idea of her children and grandchildren squatting around burn barrel eating two-day old rat meat and sleeping under crumbling overpasses ... if she gets her way and destroys the economy that afforded her the cushy life she's led.

Steve in Greensboro said...

I live near a university and see these retards driving their Priuses with the Ebola-Biden 2012 bumper stickers and I have a question.

Why do they all look like they belong in an assisted living facility?

Soylent Green said...

RC, welcome to the puzzle house.
Other than the SEIU--which is determined to make sure all fast food workers are replace by computers, tenured profs and drones of the teachers unions are the most reliable union stooges the left has remaining.
They will do as they are told even if it leaves them eating soylent green while freezing in the dark with the rest of us. The only cosmic justice will be that they will have no idea how they got there.

ooGcM taobmaetS said...

I suspect that each and every "Green" weenie is absolutely convinced that he or she will be "one of the elite" in the New World Order - looking down on us ignorant masses from their balcony, lording it over the peons, while sneering that they "know better".

This is what drives them; this is what makes them so blind to reason even in the face of their repeated policy failures.

Chris in NC said...

I don't feel one bit sorry for any of them. I hope they lose their jobs, their houses, their families, their lives. You voted for this my asshole friends. You supported with your money and your violence against your opposition this very thing. They told you they were going to do this and you still voted for it in overwhelming fashion. Eat your shit sandwich and die. That's all you are good for now.

Leonard Jones said...

Chris, they might just become our allies in this
fight of they ever wake up and smell the environmental
agenda. Private sector union jobs are dying by the
hundreds of thousands.

Steamboat, good point. In my wildest dreams, I
never could have imagined some tree-hugger actually
advocating for the consumption of Soylent Green, but
he did!

I still believe that the industrial trades may
be our salvation in this fight. When they are sitting
on the couch waiting for a call that will never come,
they might take action.

I once was on a flight to New Mexico for a paper
mill shutdown with about 20 other Millwrights, each
sporting pocketknife's and multi- tools (As if we needed
them.) After 9/11, I began thinking what would have
happened if the plane was hijacked by rag-heads. They
would have ended up as garden mulch!

10,000 industrial workers could make Washington
D.C. look like Hiroshima.