Friday, August 29, 2014

President Trelane: "But I Don't Wanna Come In, And I Won't. I'm A General"

"I have no strategy to deal with ISIS, just as I have no strategy to deal with the Ukraine, Libya, the southern border, or anything else beyond the 18th green," he said. "Let me be perfectly clear--I have done nothing. I am doing nothing. And I'm not even planning to do more nothing--because that would actually involve doing something. I learned that at college while not editing the Harvard Law Review.

"As the world descends further into chaos in the coming weeks and months, I will diligently continue to work on my wedge game and putting--because that's were you score. George Bush never learned that. That's because he quit playing golf after 9-11. I can assure the American people that I am not a quitter."

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Eric Praline said...

He's working on his putz alright, him and Reggie at the 19th hole.

leonardrjones said...

I have been referring to BHO as President Merkin Muffly
as in the character played by Peter Sellers in Dr.
Strangelove. My reason was that the general was the really
rational one, while Muffly was such a pussy, he was ready
to sacrifice all 150 million Americans because he
was well, a liberal.

But President Trelane may be a better fit for BHO
because while Muffly was a delusional liberal,
Trelane's incompetence was due to the fact that he was
a petulant child.