Friday, March 25, 2016

T-Gif Friday With Leonard's Lunchtime Lesbians


Unknown said...

How sweet it is! This reminded me that I recently discovered
that someone who broke my heart 30+ years ago has just filed
for divorce from her husband, and has just joined the West Coast
local 69 Carpet Munchers Union. It really is sad, I loved the
hell out of that woman!

Maybe I can pull the old dodge that I now a male lesbian.
I might also tell her that I can out lick any Gyno American
alive. Now I am seeing her more than I ever did before and
she is now showing me more affection than back then. What
the fuck kind of trade-off is that? Thank you GOD!

Here is a link I sent her last week:

Leonard Jones said...

Oh shit, I forgot to sign in as myself. This Anonymous shit is
is for pussies and trolls.


Patroller said...

Leonard, just to remind you that I'm still here. You seem to like Illinois for some reason, quite interesting in fact. We'll talk later this year.

Leonard Jones said...

Well guys, we can add incompetent troll with zero hacking skills
to his list of "unaccomplishments." I have been in a total of
6 states, and Illinois "Ain't" one of them! This dork has to
be the worst troll in the history of the Internet. Proving the
depths of his ignorance and stupidity is the easiest job I ever
had. He is about as threatening as a pet Yorkie!

PS I am not responding to the little turd, only reporting on
his complete lack of intellect. I could name the state and
city and Forest Dork here could still not find me!