Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Humpday Hawt: Sushi With Fur And Feathers


Leonard Jones said...

I rike arot! Something about those Asian broads that makes
me harder than Chinese Algebra!

Patroller said...

Leonard, algebra is above your pay grade, you cunt. Always remember the long grass.

Anonymous said...

What is this about the "Long grass?" Do you mean the grass you
smoke when you suck your lovers dick? Or do you cut your mothers
lawn as payment for living in her basement until you are 30?

Or could it be that you used your Eskimo lesbian feminist degree
to roll the pot you just smoked after your shift as a Starbucks
Latte monkey? You shot your bolt kid. Leonard and Flaxen will
die of old age waiting for you to show up at their doors. You
are a nutless chicken shit who would faint dead away when confronted
by a real man, you Metrosexual turd!

And what would a millennial shit-head like you know of algebra?
They stopped teaching 3rd grade math decades ago!

furball said...

I don't know who Patroller is, but he sure seems to make whiney ascerbic little posts that try to make him sound authoritative or sensible.

He fails on both counts.

Patroller said...

Anon, disappear and do not defy the Patroller again.

Furball, you fail at everything.