Saturday, December 3, 2016

Bath Night WeekENDer With Lesbians


Flaxen Saxon said...

Room for one more methinks.

Leonard Jones said...

Yum, lesbians!

You have to do that with a Homer Simpson voice.

rik said...

That is a huge freaking bathtub!

Patroller said...

Flaxen, you ould codger, I can assure you that you were never the 'one more'. Disabled toilet.

Bane said...

Leonard, you idiot, homer is a cretin like yourself. Disabled toilet.

Leonard Jones said...

The cock-smoking Millennial faggot is back, and he brought
a member of his imaginary army with him!

He really does have issues with women, doesn't he? If the
images on this site confuse him, maybe he needs to stick
to sites with which he is much more familiar, like BigWest-