Thursday, January 5, 2017

Fur On Fur

Click to embiggenify.


Rich said...

With that subject line, I was expecting this to be another post for Leonard....

Leonard Jones said...

All I know is that those nipples have the same drag coefficient
as a .50 BMG round. A guy could get his eye poked out with puppies!

Anonymous said...

Our entreprid friend's eyes only respond to spunk movements, whilst on bended knee. Disabled toilet.

Leonard Jones said...

This homosexual millennial needs to go back to cruising gay
web porn sites and West Hollywood fag bars! The main subject
of this site is completely foreign to him. Trying to explain
this site to him is like trying to teach a cat how to play
chess! He needs to go back to something he understands like
gang golden showers with the rest of his Bukake boys.