Monday, March 24, 2014

We Can't Find Flight 370 Because #Thermageddon

They really just can't see the stupid for the trees. Yes, Global Warming reveals its amazing powers once again.
I mean, the aliens who took that plane to the moon are laughing their asses least, I think they have asses. Well, if not, Mother Jones obviously has plenty.
H/T The Daley Gator


LC Aggie Sith said...

We. Messed. Up. The. Currents.

Holy fuck on a shitty shingle, how arrogant can they be to think that we small insignificant humans can manage a feat of Titanic proportions?

B.C. said...

Just when you think they can't get any more fucktarded, they go and ramp up the entire genre of fucktardetry to a completely uncharted level of fucktardedness. Somewhere, at some point in the space-time continuum, the Stoopid Side of the Idiotarian Parallel Divide is missing a whole ass-load of fucktards. I hope they send a ship to pick them up and soon. Very soon.

Soylent Green said...

Apparently crossing the streams is a bad thing, LC.

BC--I think part of that rant is destined for the sidebar. WIN!!!

Ogrrre said...

Why, y'all, the only reasonable conclusion is that American caused AGW is responsible because everyone knows that those currents have been stable and unchanged since before all the continents fit together as Gondwanaland. Those currents have never shifted or changed velocity since the planet cooled enough to have liquid water. You deniers just won't believe the evidence provided by our infallible computer models when it's right in front of your faces.
(do I need to append the /sarc tag?)

leonardrjones said...

Is there anything that is not
caused by global warming?


This is so bad, I'm laughing my ass off with my first mug of coffee - It's imperative that I link to this stuff!

Facebook and my magazine

tracking this MH370 since it showed up on the radar -

Soylent Green said...

Leonard--No, just look at the list

Ogrrre--I cannot respond until I get clearance from my #EvilOilGasCoalMasters