Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Humpday Hawt: Rack 'Em Up


Flaxen Saxon said...

I've seen the trick done with ping pong balls, but.......

Patroller said...

Let me introduce myself. I am the Patroller. Your blog is disgusting and must be destroyed. You cannot stop my allies.

As an aside, tell that thick cunt Flaxon that I will be visiting his kiwi swamp very soon. Disabled toilet.

ooGcM taobmaetS said...

Dear Patroller,

Allow me to suggest that you shove a six-foot feather boa up your back passage.

That way you won't be inconvenienced by the fact that your toilet is disabled.



Leonard Jones said...

The shit must be backing up a mile high!

Good luck living in it pAtroller.

Patroller said...

McGoo, you vile cunt, you have no idea who you are dealing with. But now that you are on our radar, you will soon discover what happens to those that insult the Patroller.

Are you ready for what is to come? I don't think you are. But then again, none of the fools who defied us in the past were ready either.

Having something stuck up your arse will soon be the least of your worries.

ooGcM taobmaetS said...


Well, in point of fact, having something stuck up MY ass wasn't the idea at all, you bilious cretin.

Your arse, your feather boa, your malfunctioning loo.

And - no - I don't know who I'm dealing with, else I would call your parents and tell them to discipline you with vigor. And not with feather boa.

If I'm now "on your radar", does it have sufficient resolution to discern the mighty middle finger I have thrust skyward in your general direction? I'm napping in terror - almost to the point of a yawn - at the approaching (and no-doubt unnoticeable) response of you and your - what? - collection of Barbie dolls?

Leonard Jones said...

Oh Shit McGoo, What does it take for me to get on this
rod smoking faggots radar? I feel so slighted!

This freaking idiot is about as threatening as a Teddy Bear.

Or maybe a rabbit:

Leonard Jones said...

Oh, shit! I forgot to add that while he is using Radar,
my gaydar has a VERY large blip on the CRT and the
transponder reads Patroller.

Soylent Green said...

"I am napping in terror" -- McGoo FTW. Bwuhahahahahahahahaha.

Your awesome is undiminished. I continue to grovel at the feet of the master.

Flaxen Saxon said...

Don't mind the Patroller. He seems to follow me around the net like a pathetic lost puppy. I have it on good authority that he is a sad lonely individual. Pimply and fat- and that's just his scrotum. Clearly he is not a fan of attractive women sans clothes- must be a poof then. A sad fat poof with an extended ball sack. We should all be trembling in our boots as he comes across as a real lard ass, sorry I meant to say, hard ass. Looks like he is coming to see me. I wonder what japes he will get up to when he meets a 6' 7'' ex boxer. I hope he doesn't bleed on me.

ooGcM taobmaetS said...

You have my deepest sympathy, Flaxon. Being followed around by that pathetic poofster must be irksome.

I'm betting Patroller is female, although the "pimply & fat" description is probably still accurate.

Reason? (1) The Patroller terms "disgusting, thick cunt, vile cunt, etc" seem distinctly feminine to me. No real guy calls another a "vile cunt". Not when there are so many other creative masculine insults one can hurl at an opponent. (2) The writing style is semi-aggressive, pluralized ("we" & "us"), but non-specific; hinting at a frustrated, passive-aggressive nature. This screams "fat twat" to me. (3) She probably wants your bod' in the worst way, and her unrequited lust has turned to hate due to your (unknowing and apparently "uncaring") neglect over time.

When you finally meet the li'l buttwipe, don't hit "it" below the waist; it's ungentlemanly and you may get old stale menses on you.

SG - it's always a privilege to post comments here!

Flaxen Saxon said...

MrMcGoo, You may well have a point. I think we should all treat 'The Patroller' with the disdain and contempt he/she truly deserves. Don't feed the trolls should be our motto.

Critter said...

The level of discourse has certainly risen since I last visited.

Leonard Jones said...

He seems to have gone away all by himself. He probably went
back to patrolling public restrooms in city parks. I so wanted
to ask him what George Michael was like!

Going to follow your advice from here on out Flaxen.

ooGcM taobmaetS said...

You're right, Flaxen - of course I shouldn't encourage trolls. My only excuse is that I was mildly bored and the insignificant twit was an easy target.

LJ - excellent Michael reference! I'm betting the Patroller's parents came home from vacation and took his IPad away from him/her again.

Leonard Jones said...

Thank you MR. Steamboat. I have to tell you when I got word that
George Michael had his bare ass up in the air with a "Welcome" sign
in front of an undercover cop inside a shit-house in a public park,
you could have knocked me over with a feather!

I have not been that shocked since I heard that Liberace was gay.

Flaxen Saxon said...

Liberace was gay! I'm truly shocked. He always seemed so manly- and suited those sequins so well. Next you will be telling me Tom Cruise is gay.

Patroller said...

You cannot defeat the Patroller. It's interesting to note that this swamp is full of a set of homophobic cunts.

Leonard Jones said...

Tom Cruise did spend some time in the closet on a South Park
episode. Seriously though, I always suspected that he is
at least a switch hitter. There is something seriously
wrong with a guy who loses three of the hottest chicks
on the planet apart from his belief in Zenu.

Leonard Jones said...

I think the turd just outed himself on a public forum!

Patroller said...

Who cares if Cruise is gay or not? It simply doesn't matter, like this pathetic site.

Leonard Jones said...

I know I should not continue to engage the little homo, but it
is a shitload of fun!

It is possible I think that the little turd has no idea who
Steamboat Mcgoo is. Any attempt to defeat The Steamboat in a
battle of words (Or wits) is like bringing a pocketknife to
challenge an artillery battalion. It is a war that you
will lose my young homosexual cretin!

We have already learned a lot more things about him than he
knows about us; He is either a kid or a poorly educated
leftist. He has a limited vocabulary, and finally he
has already outed himself as a homosexual who is totally
fixated on cunts. My unofficial diagnosis is that he
is suffering from the same identity crisis that causes
residents of San Francisco and West Hollywood to commit
suicide. He is strangely attracted to cunts but cannot
alter his chosen lifestyle, because he likes the feel
of male members up his poop chute.

PS If he is a poorly educated leftist, I cannot rule out
the possibility that he may be the product of a worthless
liberal arts degree in a subject like lesbian and homosexual
studies, cultural anthropology or art history. If this is
the case, he is no doubt in his twenties to thirties, living
in his parents basement, and unable to find anything more
rewarding than a minimum wage job serving overpriced coffee!

Patroller said...

Leonard, you have no analytical skills in the slightest degree.

1. How am I a little homo? Present your evidence in clear and precise form, please.

2. Explain in detail the word skills of your friend McGoo. Only precise and detailed examples are accepted.

3. Explain what a 'leftist' is? If you are American (which you might be), then a 'leftist' is probably what you call a communist. But carry on your own awful insular American political discourse with yourselves. Even if you are not an old Yankee out of the old US of A, you are still lacking in the basic concepts of understanding your fellow human, in terms of political philosophy?

Go back to your cesspit, you scum.

Leonard Jones said...


Patroller said...

Given your previous posts on this thread, are you claiming to have 'nailed' a man?

You are the fool who keeps bringing up sodomy, so I thought I would throw it back in your court,

Let's all see your next illuminating contribution on the affairs of the day.

Leonard Jones said...

I did not say I nailed you, I said I nailed it (Meaning the profile of a
of a rod smoking homosexual). Your use of the term "homophobe" revealed
your sexual proclivities. I hope that the owner of this Blog does not
block you. As much as I relish a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent,
I cannot wait until the Master tears your ass to shreds!

You have no fucking clue as to which ground you just trod, you clueless
infantile wanker! The people on this Blog are operating on a level
so far above yours, that you would need a 30' extension ladder just to
kiss our asses.

Please go back to playing Dungeons and Dragons in your parents basement and
leave real men to engage in serious dialog! You are the single least
threatening Internet Troll I have ever encountered (Both physically and
intellectually). Forest Gump would be a greater challenge.

You are a living, breathing example of a person with a post 60's education.
I had you pegged from your first post!

Leonard Jones said...

Still waiting for the wrath of the man who Patrols the public
restrooms in search of gay sex! If your last retort was the
best you have, I am dealing with an intellectual Pismire.

Seeing as how you are the least intelligent Internet Troll I have
EVER encountered, that means a Piss Ant. What am I going to have
to do to make you understand you stepped onto the wrong Blog you
fucking Mongoloid Idiot! Your scary threats will do NOTHING to
to make anyone of us think you have the hacking skills of Retard!

Sorry, I just insulted my oldest and dearest friend, whom I rescued
from three idiots like you back in 1975. He has more intelligence
in his left nut than you have in your entire fucking cranium!

Hey Steamboat, do I need to engage the A team?

Leonard Jones said...

I finally discovered who this guy is. The Patroller Of The
Gay Bath Houses is actually General Maximilian Rodriguez de
Santos. And I think I may have discovered the identity of
his Minions.

We should all be afraid, every afraid!

This is great, an obscure comedy move reference and a Monty
Python skit in a single post. The best fucking line in Viva
Max was "Your men would not follow you into a whore house!"
I think Steamboat may have been a scriptwriter back 1969!