Monday, September 7, 2015

Monday Motivationator: The Miracle of Velcro

Now go! Fight! Win!

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Leonard Jones said...

I see no velcro, but I do have a fantastic velcro story. My late best
friend and coworker, (Jim Cox) was a biker. He was a gifted mechanic
and Millwright who built his own rides. The last bike he built was
a chopped shovelhead with a suicide shift. He had a mono seat in
front of the rear fender.

He came up with the idea of having a rectangular seat made up by a local
upholsterer. He put one adhesive velcro patch on the bottom side
of the seat, the other on the rear fender.

Whenever he was in a bar and talked some chick into a ride, she would
invariably ask "How can I sit on that?," he would say "Take off your
panties!" Only the would he pull the seat out of the frame and
place it on three fender.

This guy was so cool, he would give the Steamboat a run for his money!