Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Humpday Hawt: Combustible


Anonymous said...

Idiot Number 1: Leonard Jones, a rabid right-wing, racist, homophobic, Muslim hating, gun wielding, narcissistic, self-probing, bile inducing idiot of the highest order.

Idiot Number 2: Those who say that climate change is nothing to do with human activity. Soylent?

Who is the bigger idiot?

You get no options, since the answer is obvious.

The correct answer is everyone who reads or posts on this swamp. Disabled toilet.

drew458 said...

Is that butt munch still coming here?

I don't know Leonard, but he sounds like my kind of guy. And climate change has been going on for billions of years, since there was climate. If there is a human influence, it's nearly microscopic. Oh, and with higher levels of CO2 the plants grow better and the little fish in the ocean eat better. It's a win-win. Go back to high school and pay attention in Earth Science class this time when they teach the carbon cycle.

Patroller said...

Drew, I'm not taking any science lessons from an idiot like you.

Do some reading, educate yourself about climate change and then return with a more informed opinion.

Think of it another way, if you have offspring. They will be dealing with the impact of a harsher change in years to come. You and I won't, as we will be long gone. If you dispute this point, then educate your offspring with your current opinion. In the years to come, they will curse your name for your lack of foresight.

I just realised, why am I appealing to your good graces about the future of humanity on this planet? You don't accept what is obvious.

You and Soylent belong together. Disabled toilet.

Leonard Jones said...

Drew old buddy, you are wasting your time trying to reach this
scientifically illiterate bologna smoking Internet Troll. Members
of the millennial generation are so fucking brain dead it is a wonder
how any of them could survive with nothing more than a functioning
brain stem!

This stupid rod smoking illiterate learned about "Global warming" from
the MORON AL Gore, who barely passed a general science course with a
D grade, and a paid actor "Bill Nye" who has no scientific credentials
whatsoever! I stand a better chance of learning how to do home
improvement jobs from Bob Vila. Here is clue for the illiterate
turd: Vila was a paid actor who knew NOTHING about the subjects
covered on his show. He relied on professional contractors who
acted as advisors to his show. He, like Nye was nothing more than
a fucking SCRIPT READER, like all of the brain dead Lib-tard actors
in Holywood!

The problem with this guy Drew, is that there is no cure for stupidity.

Anyone so monumentally fucking stupid, they use brain-dead morons like
Al Gore and paid actors to form their opinions on issues related to
science make Forest Gump look like Marilyn vos Savant. I had to throw
that in just to get the cut and paste Internet Troll to do a Wikipedia
search on the off chance the retard knows who Albert Einstein was!

Leonard Jones said...

PS Drew, Our young (And misinformed) friend did not attend our
grade school science classes. If he did, he would know that 350
PPM is what used to be called trace levels

Of the 350 PPM, Man contributes only about 14 PPM. Even at 350 PPM,
CO2 is so insignificant that there is no way on Earth, or even in
the Bizarro World (Another reference the dick smoker will never
understand) that this compound could have any effect locally or
regionally (Let alone drive global climate conditions!)

One of the reasons we no longer read about O3 "Holes" or "Acid rain"
anymore is that these hoaxes were debunked decades ago. Global warming
makes the Cardiff Giant, Loch Ness Monster and Piltdown Man hoaxes
look like the work of rank amateurs.

To quote Albert Einstein: "The difference between genius and stupidity
is that genius has it's limits!" (Another reference that will soar
right over his uneducated head.)