Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Humpday Hawtness: Auburn Awesome


LC Aggie Sith said...

Lovely gal, but I am more entranced by the floors. I denounce myself....

Anonymous said...

Ms. LC Aggie Sith,

I apologise if you might have been offended by my rather hyperbolic screeds. I mean no harm nor do I possess any malice of intent. I do not apologise to any of those ego-driven white boys who seem unable, or unwilling, to cut the Gordion knot that affixes the Jet-engine of their intellect from the Ox-cart of their ego and let it fly free of encumbrance. NOTHING dumbs a white boy down more than an ego or an erection.

We sisters must stick together to fight the vile White Patriarchy at every turn. :)

This Paulie person seems to have pegged me quite accurately. Unfortunately, she does not have a real blog. I can't thank her directly.

Look what you all made me do! I had to use a punctuation happy-face! I've fucking sold out!

The floors are nice and that circular window is the kind that makes you want to thrust out a lantern depending on whether they come by land or sea. The wainscoting is shite though.

Anonymous said...

There's wainscotting?

Soylent Sage said...

Great Gaia, ALTC, an emoticon and no screed on the soul-stealing snoochette?!?
Something is amiss.
Has AL Gore's gravity well so distorted spacetime that you are, in fact, not you, but actually your own doppelganger?
How would we know?
How would you know?!?
Where's Heisenberg when you need him?
Oh yeah, he's dead. Or is he?

Eric Praline said...

SG, Heisenberg is both alive and dead until you observe him, but since his box has been underground for a few decades, I'm not liking his chances.

Soylent Sage said...

Eric--That's just what Schrodinger wants you to believe.
I remain...uncertain.

Anonymous said...

As wee used to say, 'Cat's ass'...

Anonymous said...

You missed the fucking umlaut on doppelgänger!


".......Where's Heisenberg when you need him?
Oh yeah, he's dead. Or is he?......"

Uncertain are we? Nyuck! And you didn't need a happy face! A fucking Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle joke! I love it!

Flaxen Saxon said...

Cuddles did ya get the cheque for the nuptial flowers? You gonna have to act quick as I'm a man driven by his lions and they are a saying 'give me' the sexy chic on the brunette floor. What's all this shite about Heisenberg's pussy- I'm more enamoured with the other type (geddit?). And there was me a thinking that this was solely a tits (sorry Cuddles, I meant to say teats) and bums site. Lordy, lordy what's a simple boy to think?

Tiberius said...

Well look at the sniveling worthless cunt come crawling on her belly like the worm she is, begging for forgiveness, pretending to play nice. As if anyone is fooled by it.

Sisters? Aggie wouldn't defile or devalue herself or her womanhood by associating or even pretending there is any kind of bond between her and a racist cunt like your worthless self.
Instead of suffering in this fantasy world of yours in which you blame your utter failure as a person (except for the "ability" to fellate a thesaurus - congratulations, you have worked out how to use on white patriarchy instead of your own lack of ability, drive, intelligence etc.

Why don't you do something tangible to make the world a better place? Become a racial martyr in your imaginary battle against white patriarchy and do it on your own terms like the mighty warrior you pretend to be.

Soylent Sage said...

ALTC--The gods of keyboard-fu conspire to smite me. Depending on which version of OSX or Windows I am using, umlauts, tildes and all manner of non-Mercan language enhancement is unavailable 99.999% of the time. Ergo, I have become two-fisted lazy about employing such devices, though I will when I have an extra 10 minutes or so to dick around with permutations of Alt+Option+U.

Flaxen Saxon said...

Tiberius caldius bilbious mero.