Friday, June 7, 2013

Trailer Trash: Open Windows--Plus Comment Awesome

WorstPreviews has a leaked Russian trailer for Elijah Woods' upcoming thriller Open Windows, in which he plays a stalker peeper obsessed fan of a, subsequently kidnapped, actress played by Sasha Grey, who he then tries to find rescue.
Of his role, Woods said, "So much of what my character is experiencing is happening on a computer screen."
Which elicited this:

Don't you love that Profanity option they have in the comments over there. ;-)

Sasha Grey...? This is Sasha Grey:

Trying to go the Traci Lords route, or just a one-night stand? And yes, it embiggenifies.


cmblake6 said...

My face would look like a glazed doughnut after that...

Critter said...

i would have to put her on Mr. Happy and walk around the room.