Thursday, August 1, 2013

Awesome, A Contest I Could Actually Win

Found this via Bad Blue this a.m. at another site I forgot to put in the blogroll after the move: the Most Influential Blog In The History Of The Hyperverse...or something.
But how can I, with perhaps the most storied record of code monkey assfuckery in hyperverse history, actually win...? Easy, there's no voting! Of course there is a minor possible snag--one of you will have to nominate me.
Even though there is no voting, there are some rules--which seems like a non sequitur, but I'll play along. They are:

1. Display the award;
2. Link back to your nominator;
3. Answer seven questions concocted by your nominator;
4. Nominate other blog(s) and link them and,
5. Tell them you've nominated them.
Okay, 1--duh. 2--duh. 3--pending. 4--okay:

The Feral Irishman
The Lonely libertarian
Proof Positive
Visual Consumer
The Gormogons
Real Science
Aggie Sith
5--hmm, *devilish grin crawls over face.* Oh, alright. You know what? Fuck #3....

Soylent, what motivates you to blog?
Revenge, to crush my enemies, to see them driven before me, and to hear lamentations of their women.
Soylent, how do you come up with ideas?
Drugs...and lots of alcohol. I pretty much need them just to read the news these days. So, I have the proper perspective.
Greatest Achievement?
When McGoo, Harbqll, the Glorious Lemur King and I engineered the cancellation of the 2010 Web Log awards by getting RealClimate nominated as Best Religious Blog. I'll never beat that, although getting linked by Jerry Pournelle was pretty cool.
Appetizer? Whisky.
Salad? Whisky.
Main Course? Uh...a whisky.
And for dessert? I'll have a whisky.
And for the rest of you....Linky Love Chain Bra Awesome!!!
You might want to embiggenify that. See you on the victory podium.


Harbqll said...

Oh man. That RealClimate gag was a good one. Frelling epic.

Soylent Sage said...

Yeah. The best thing was we did it from that pissant WP blog of mine. No Big Dogs involved...just some men with a dream.

LC Aggie Sith said...

I shall nominate you this weekend, once I have LK and Co. all settled :)