Friday, October 18, 2013

Corset Canapes

Have a Spassfabrik weekend.


Anonymous said...

Well she came down to earth and she lit in a tree
I said Ms. Purple People Eater, Pleeeese eat me
I heard her say in a voice so gruff
I wouldn't eat you cuz you're so tough

-apologies to Sheb Wooley


Critter said...

Corset #4, in the blindfold. But then, I don't think I'd kick any of these out of the hot tub for drinking lite beer.

B.C.I second Critter's critique. (But call "Firstees" on the bevy of buxom beauties.) said...

I second Critter's critique. (But call "Firstees" on the bevy of buxom beauties.)

B.C. said...

Seriously? WTF is up with posting a gottdam comment from a Murthafucking tablet and it ghost-pasting the comment in the fucking ID line?

*Ambles off mumbling curses agains Obongo and his minions, damning them to the deepest, darkest depths of Helen Thomas' rotting vaginal cavern.*

Soylent Sage said...

BC--You are Justinian, Solomon and Hammurabi all rolled into one...perhaps with a touch of Kahless The Unforgettable.
A superior sentence.

Eric Praline said...

BC's also reminiscent of the great Marcus Aurelius, who I believe wrote the treatise De Snoochibus.

Flaxen Saxon said...

Scipio Africanus was a better general but a poor philosopher.

Soylent Sage said...

Eric, my Latin is a bit rusty.
So I always use lots of oil when consulting De Snoochibus.

B.C. said...

Thanks guys. I've always been a big fan of the Olde Skoole warrior-philospher, Masterbatius Maxximus.

His motto: "You can have my phallus when you pry it from my cold, dead hand."