Sunday, November 17, 2013

On Hyperverse Hyperbole Approaching the Schwarzschild Radius With Tiffany Fallon And Cameltoe Awesome

Yesterday, I received my first indication the the SS&S Modus* was taking a foothold here on this bullshit Blogger platform. What was that, you may ask? Snoochers from the aether looking for this put it in the Fevered Five for the week...and it's from seven months ago!
I, of course, thanked these mystery minions in the comments, but that hardly seemed sufficient, so, before I continue, here's an encore from the same set...
You can embiggenify that too, but I digress.
Anyway, the blogging from snatch scratch means there is no backlog of awesome to keep up the daily tally of traffic. The four years of awesome *Science, Snark and Snooch at the SiteThatWillNotBeNamed assured me daily tallies--toward the end--ranging from average of 6,000 to (thanks to Catalina Robayo) more than 30,000. This is the first indication that Siberia is building such a compendium, and would further confirm the results achieved by the Sage McGoo's experimental deletion of his snooch backlog and its effect on blog traffic--only in reverse.
So, as you can see, I have a firm grasp of the obvious. I'd rather grasp this...
Thanks again, to my mystery backlog minions, and to Tiffany too.
Oh yes, it embiggenifies nicely.


Anonymous said...

The computer peripherals industry owes you a huge debt, SG!
You've done wonders for new keyboard sales... :)

Eric Praline said...

Everybody has a firm grasp of their obvious thanks to Tiffany.

Soylent Sage said...

So it would seem, Eric. Certainly too busy to type any comments.

Anonymous said...

Left you a comment over here:
There. There's a comment.