Saturday, September 5, 2015

WeekENDer Poolside


Flaxen Saxon said...

OH my god, I'm gonna go blind visiting this site. Perhaps I'll risk one eye...

Leonard Jones said...

Flaxen, there was a great scene in a movie preview spoof at the
beginning of the Kentucky Fried Movie. The movie was called
Catholic High School Girls In Trouble. Towards the end, the
guy doing the narration said "Finally a film that reveals the
truth about masturbation." Some guy bursts through a door
screaming with 1" thick coke bottle glasses and a growth of
hair on his hands that would make a Tribble (Star Trek ref-
erence) jealous!

Beer sprayed out of my nose. I shit my pants! I spent so much
time in the bathroom as a teen with copy of Playboy that if the
old wives tale were true, I would be as blind as a bat today.
I do wear prescription glasses though.

Reminds me of an old Dr. Demento song: