Thursday, March 28, 2013

Chain Bra Linky Love: The Truth About Guns

The proprietor over at The Truth About Guns was nice enough to send several hundred folks my way via the Iron Man 3 Mandarin Poster post. So I moseyed around over there a bit and I found: Good crowd, good info, good humor.
Now, I would have put them in one of the blogrolls but, this chicken-shit, built-by-teenage-hackers Google/Blogger platform has more fleas than a $2 Barcelona whore. 
All of a sudden, I can't add anyone to the existing link lists without getting an error message about "completing the form." Fuck you! Try to create a new list...? Fuck you! 
(UPDATE: Repair effected. TTAG in Blogroll.)
The comment widget was already broken, and so was another widget I wanted to add, oh yeah--recent posts. This is basic shit, people. No wonder you're phone idea went straight down the toilet. 
So where was I? Oh yeah, go give these guys a shout out if you haven't already. And if it's linky love, it's Juliane... 

 (Click to embiggenify.)

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cmblake6 said...

What brought you over here? I left here to go to wordpress when it just wasn't doing what I wanted to do. Nice chain bra though.