Wednesday, July 10, 2013

And You Think Our Thermageddon Mongers Are Bad

These OZ gravy-trainer "academics" should be fed to the crocs on TV for what they did to Murry Salby because his research proved them to be lying, thieving, AGW stormtroopers.
As Christopher Lord Monckton notes:

"This case is outrageous. I shall be finding out further details from Prof. Salby and shall then arrange for powerful backers to assist him in fighting the university, which--if his side of the story is in all material respects true--has committed multiple criminal offenses. This needs to be a high-profile case." (Emphasis mine.)

Read Salby's account of how--because his scientific findings were so damaging to the Church of Carbon Come--Macquarie University screwed him twelve ways to Sunday.

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Eric Praline said...

Make no mistake, American universities would do the same thing, probably worse, to any researcher that had the integrity to tell the truth about Thermageddon. Unfortunately we'll never know since they all seem to be marching in lockstep like the good little vanguards of the revolution that they are.