Sunday, August 18, 2013

Natalie Wood And...

For some reason TCM is showing a bunch of Natalie Wood flicks today. It's not her birthday, but it does give me a change to DVR The Great Race, in which she is--of course--fine.

But, as I was making sure it wasn't her birthday, I found--via the "people also searched for" thingy--her kid sister Lana wood. Don't remember her? You should--she was Plenty O'Toole:

Enjoy the movies. ;-) Oh, the top one embiggens.


Critter said...

I don't remember "Plenty" in this particular outfit.

Anonymous said...

Yowza! :)
(Lana I mean)

Anonymous said...

Anyone have any thoughts on what'n'hell is going on with her right forearm? And, she sure has her left hand at a peculiar angle in relationship to her arm.

All that aside, she is (was) a pretty woman. And, for me, "pretty" trumps "hot" every time.

Anonymous said...

Re the arm; a painter's worst nightmare...foreshortening.
I hate trying to draw limbs. They never look quite right.
Anyway, she has arms?

John D said...

Lana was a heaping helping of awesome.