Monday, December 28, 2015

Monday Motivationator: Beauty Mark


skybill said...

Hi Mr. Green,
'From an old fantasy I conjured up at work one day when we were getting audited by the "Air Force" and the Director of Ops. was pulling out what little hair he had left.... I said,"Louie, Don't ya' know what they want by now and ya' have not provided!! Ya' need to take them to a "Steak Dinner" with all the trimmins'!! and introduce them to "Candy and her identical twin sister Denise!!!" Louie said,"Yer Kiddin'??" I said,"No, 'am serious as a heart attack and the only difference between the two is Denise has a little 'Beauty mark' just to the left side of her snatch!!" "Only way ya' can tell the difference especially when they like to be naughty and play 'Switch!!!!!'"
Well, Louie survived the "Audit."
As for "Candy and Denise," they are still a "Fantasy" but perhaps to someone reading this....they are a "Reality!!"
Thanks for reviving the memory,

Anonymous said...

Or it might be a tick! I better check it right now!