Saturday, May 6, 2017

Snoochathon Retrospective With Embiggenification

See ya next time.


David said...

You're baaaack!! yay

Chris in NC said...


Critter said...

Holy Snooch, Batman!

Leonard Jones said...

As always, the snooch on this site is second to none!

Leonard Jones said...

Way da hot lesbians be at?

I realize real lesbians are fat and fugly, but these smokin' hot
womenz from the porn industry help to complete a fantasy involving
me in a threesome that is a part of almost every man's wildest dreams!

Skoonj said...

Been a while since there's been a pic posted here. You OK?

Bane said...

Who posts galactically idiotic contributions on this swamp almost every week?

Leonard Jones. What a fool.

Disabled toilet.

Leonard Jones said...

I knew the queer would not keep his promise!

ooGcM taobmaetS said...

Since there's obviously no new snooch in our future - and the Juvenal-faggot is back (may his butt-buddy's hemorrhoids shrink without surgery) - I have to ask:

Did anyone read about that "Lion-whisperer" idiot over in Africa?

I predict that before too long, we'll be hearing about the "lion whisperer poop" they found buried in some handy deposit of sandy soil.

Leonard Jones said...

Have not heard about this one Steamboat. I do remember the dude who
took his fiance to commune with bears in Alaska, and both predictably
ended up as bear scat. One great thing about liberals is that quite
often, they remove themselves from the gene pool in cases like this.

I just opened another window and found it. The Schadenfreude is

It's an effing lion! Tippi Hedren had a big cat sanctuary. One day
one of them wanted to play with her. He came up from behind and
peeled her scalp all the way to the back of her skull. Her daughter
(Melanie Griffith) routinely slept with a 400-pound cat in her bed.
Luckily her mom woke up after this and they no longer treated these

These are no different than the idiots who idolize Rousseau's "Nobel
Savages" and end up roasting on a spit in a cannibal village or beheaded
by Muslims. There is no the stupidity of liberals!

Leonard Jones said...

No limit to the stupidity

I gotta start proof reeding!

ooGcM taobmaetS said...

I know how you feel about proof-reading. For instance, I truly do know how to spell "juvenile". And I know for sure and certain that you know how to spell "reeding", LOL. Don't ya just hate it when that happens? :-)

I remember that Bear Couple "bear scat" incident with great satisfaction. Another one - perhaps a bit more unfortunate - was that attention-whore TV naturalist guy (Steve Irwin?) who got stabbed in the chest (and died badly a short time later) by a stingray barb.

People (especially Liberals) just don't get the fact that there is a REASON we don't have lions & tigers & bears & Great Whites as domestic pets or draft animals: They are NOT generally amenable to domestication. Some animals just AREN'T. Wishing it was otherwise is stupid, and a waste of time, and often fatal.

Anonymous said...

Leonard & GcM talking a load of wank between themselves. Fuck off.

drew458 said...

He's baaaaack!!

We know who you are Anony Mouse. The old "DT" troll hisself.

Guest Snooch!

ooGcM taobmaetS said...

Whoa! Drew! Why the fiddly-fuck didn't I think of that!

*McGoo starts thumbing frantically through old Aardvarks & Asshats snooch-links*

Guest Snooch! Brilliant!!!

(I envision Drew - pacing the floor restlessly and muttering to himself after noting another day gone by without fresh snooch - and finally declaring, "By the Holy Crack of the Snooch-Goddess, sometimes if you want something done, you just have to do it yourself!")

Oh ... and by the way ... You suck mightily, Anony Mouse. Now go back to your Mom's basement and play with yourself, or whatever.

Leonard Jones said...

Steamboat, great point buddy. I think we are in large part victims of
technology. Spelling was never a strong point with me, but it was
always much better before spelling and grammar checkers, auto-correct,
and other tools. It certainly is the case with calculators. My math
skills were a lot sharper when I was doing long division with pencil and
paper back in 3rd grade. (That one is a back-handed slap at the Homo-
Troll,) because we learned more in elementary school than his generation
no matter how many art history or other liberal arts degrees they may have!

Maybe we will get lucky and see the Pud-Troller of the Gay Bath Houses
communing with dangerous animals and take himself out of the gene pool,
the way so many other liberals have done!

Anonymous said...

Drew, GcSpunk and Leonard puffer can simply fuck off.

Leonard, you vile cunt, you will know the truth of your existence in due course.

Disabled toilet.

ooGcM taobmaetS said...

Hey, Leonard! When you do find "... the truth of your existence ... ", would you look around to see if the truth of mine is there too? I've been puzzled as to why I exist - if I do indeed even exist - for decades.

Near as I can figure out, I may have been intended to be a tennis ball - or a Roque mallet - but I'm really not sure. Maybe a Frisbee.

Disabled Toilet was obviously intended to be a hefty-size tampon (for those heavy days). That's probably why he like his Mom's basement. Dark and dank, with occasional unfortunate odors.

Leonard Jones said...

Speaking of uncomfortable odors emanating from the nether-regions of our
friends mother, I will attach a link to a Youtube video that describes
her to a T:

PS I found the truth of the Pud-Trollers existence when I wiped a
stubborn Klingon off my ass the last time I took a shit! This is like
shooting fish in a barrel.

Anonymous said...

Leonard, you disturbing cunt, you will be destroyed by the dark net Alfie trolls.

Disabled toilet.

Leonard Jones said...

It looks like the Pud-Troller is trying (yet again) to insult and threaten
me. Too bad his keyboard is too slick from the sperm he wiped off his
lips with his fingers because it is (as usual,) incomprehensible drivel
from an uneducated Millennial idiot living in his mommy's basement!

Another song, this time sung by the Pud-Trollers dad:

Patroller said...

Leonard, do you realise what a cretin you are?

I don't think you do. Fuck off.

Disabled toilet.

Patroller said...

Leonard, the time has come to say goodbye. Live the rest of your time on this earth with joy and love.

Everly abled toilet.

Leonard Jones said...

Another song about the Pud-Trollers mother:

Leonard Jones said...

I just found a photo of the Pud-trollers mom:

ooGcM taobmaetS said...

Hey, LJ! I know her!

She's the skank that came up to me in San Diego at the airport in 1982 and offered to give me a High Colonic with her tongue!

Leonard Jones said...

I am just getting started! Well, it is all contingent on him getting the
fuck off this Blog and never returning. Since nobody answered my question
about why I am on such a crusade against the little bone smoker, here is the
answer: My first message to Bukkake Boy came after I got sick of the Cretan
threatening physical harm to Flaxen Saxon.

He and his imaginary minions were going to pay the old man a "visit." That
is why I all but gave the Spunk Swallower turn by turn directions to my
place that even a fucking idiot could follow. That is also why I set
that Wikipedia trap using Louis Zamperini as bait. He played right into
my hands by not reading the entire article covering this WWII hero. Once he knew that I lived within spitting distance of Zamperini Field, he and his army of "Hackers" should have had no trouble locating me!

Homosexual Milleanneal losers are not among the sharpest knives in the drawer, so it was like shooting fish in a barrel. I knew he would not
even try fuck with me. Now, I never met Flaxen Saxon but if someone with
Napoleon complex threatens my buddies, I will never stand by and do nothing.

It's just the Boy Scout in me!

Patroller said...

Steamboat,, you can just fuck off, you piece of human detritus. At least Leonard presents a formidable foe, who will be dealt with soon enough.

Leonard, your inane ramblings above have no impact on me. I'm a Zen Master compared with your crass American right-wing nationalistic ideology. Nothing you say impacts on me in any way. It simply shows you up for the cretin that you are.

Prepare for the forthcoming installment, Leonard, of the 60 year old (estimated) Lone Ranger Leonard, who takes it up the ass from his well hung Indian sidekick.

Fuck off. Eat shit. Disabled toilet.

Leonard Jones said...

Barnacle Bill dates the Pud-Trollers Mommy:

At least now we know how she got that way!

Leonard Jones said...

Oh No Steamboat, now he is threatening me! I would fear Pee Wee
Herman before I would this limped dick mamas boy living in his
mother's basement. Since I have since moved to the High Desert
of Southern California, I should try giving him detailed directions, but
I would die of old age waiting for the chicken-shit fairy to show up!

The Nob-gobbler does not impress me in the least.

Leonard Jones said...

The look the Pud-Trollers mother gets when she wants a good schlonging:

Patroller said...

You'll have to up your performance for me to give a shit about your pathetic replies, Leonard, you foolish cunt.

You're living in the desert? I wish you were, your stench fills the skies for miles around your carcass, you perma dribbling fucktard.

By the way, fool, I've no interest in ever meeting you in real life.

Disabled toilet.

David said...

Well its been a month, I am going to quit coming here to see if hes alive anymore, sad, this was a great site.

drew458 said...

McGoo -

Here's a "guestie" to rekindle your A&A memories. Or mammaries.

Am looking for some of those "when you see it" pics.

PS - we installed an American Standard Champion 4 toilet a few years ago, and I have to say it is the most ENABLED toilet that's ever been made. Swallows anything, up to an including the biggest Clinton whoppers going.

ooGcM taobmaetS said...

Thanks Drew! She can twang my string any time!

Leonard Jones said...

Nice snooch Drew! I'll bet that quiver between her legs is warm
and wet.

Re the toilet, it reminds me of the Ferguson Flushmaster from
the classic episode of Married: With Children. WABOOSH!

Someone close to Soylent should give us an update. This prolonged
absence is causing me to worry about him!

ooGcM taobmaetS said...

Yeah,LJ, I'm beginning to think "the thrill is gone" regarding our host. Posting snooch can get tiresome. Believe me .... I know. :-)

BTW: Drew - search Yahoo (or whoever) on the term "when you see it you'll shit" for crap-loads (heh!) of 'em.

God-damn it! how many of those "select all photos with street signs" thingies do I have to hit? Christ!

ooGcM taobmaetS said...

And while I'm a rant on the subject of "I am not a robot" tests,

A) When you ask me to "check all photos with cars" , DON'T expect me to count trucks or diesel cabs!

B) When you ask me to "check all photos showing salads, DON'T expect me to recognize sea-weed or mowed hay as a salad!

C) When you ask me to check all photos with roads, DON'T expect me to check a fucking footpath!

drew458 said...

Steamy - Oh you know it. Those things are a total pain. Especially when the damn signpost counts as part of the street sign. And that one with the store fronts!! Aaaarrrghh!!!

Seaweed salad is a wonderful side dish at snoochi restaurants. Nothing tastier than some freshly spread clam. On rice of course!

Leonard Jones said...

I still have Soylent's E-Mail address. My problem is that while I want
to know how he is doing, I hesitate to use it. Sick, dead or experiencing
some form of tragedy, I want him back providing us with a shitload of quality Snooch, but not at the expense of his health, or his family!

It is the not knowing that is killing us.

Leonard Jones said...

I just found the favorite product of the cum slurping Pud-Troller's

Patroller said...

What a dreadful cunt this faggot, Leonard Jones, actually is. He posts links to irrelevant YouTube posts that seemingly insult me.

Leonard is an example of the older generation who, unfortunately, have access to online activities. Leonard, you should have your access removed, you are clearly disturbed. You have a mental condition which should result in your incarceration. You a danger to those around you, you worry me cunt.

On the other hand, just fuck off. I'm back to work in the morning after a well deserved break on the beaches of Spain. Before that, I'm off to enjoy a threesome, with all holes available. You're old, so you can't get it up anymore. Can you wank anymore?

Disabled toilet.

Patroller the End said...

Leonard, Soylent , goodbye spunk masters. Disabled toilet.

Anonymous said...

" I'm off to enjoy a threesome, with all holes available. "

Bought some puppies, eh?

Leonard Jones said...

Looks the "Head" Pud-Troller got his Starbucks job back after
a long vacation in his mommies basement! I am not buying this
for a second, as a Millennial, he couldn't find a job cleaning
out Port-O-Potties. And I have little doubt he couldn't even name
the capital city of Spain!

We have all probably seen the little turd in those man on the
street interviews that Jesse Waters does.

Leonard Jones said...

Must have category five or better protection before slitting the
meat to the Pud-Troller's Mommie:

Patroller said...

Leonard, it seems to me that having watched the last video you posted that you have met Bob and Tom during your pathetic life on this rock.

Bob the truck driver met you in the toilet of a remote New Mexico cafe.

Tom met you in the back alley of a well known Ivy League frequented bar. You couldn't attend an Ivy League college if you tried. By the way, Tom is a sausage jockey, what does that say about you?

We may carry on our war of words in the future,but you cannot defeat me, Leonard.

I know that you will not respond.

Disabled toilet.

Leonard Jones said...

Typical comment from a brain-dead Millennial. Despite claiming a
monopoly on tolerance and compassion, they always falsely accuse
others of being homos. Tom Griswold is not a sausage jockey!

The jizz slurping Pud-Troller of the gay bath houses is engaging in
typical liberal transference. Newsflash, it does nothing to deflect
from the fact the Bologna smoker knew about an obscure sex act that
only he and his fellow queer pals engage in.

Another video for his mommy, this time for a product she needs:

Patroller said...

Has anyone ever noted that Leonard has displayed an exemplary knowledge of gay-porno over the past two years?

I'm not surprised that this creature suffers from sexual frustration. He's an old man, long past his sexual prime, who will never ram another young beguiling woman. Every comment that this loser posts on this backwater reveals another trait of his fallen soul.

Leonard, repent now before the Master.

Disabled toilet.

Leonard Jones said...

Well, I finally found a photo of the nob gobblers mommy with her
boyfriend du jour:

Leonard Jones said...

A sight the peter puffing Pud-Troller will sadly never see in real life:

drew458 said...

5 weeks now. No signs of life. Even the defibsnoochulator isn't working. Should we make the call Doctor??

Sadness :-(

Leonard Jones said...

I am with you Drew. One of Soylent's friends or family members needs
to speak up. While I may be having fun fucking with the dick-smoking
millennial troll, this site is not the same without him!

While there are a few sites like his on the Intertubes, this was the
best of the lot. We need to know one way or another.

PS What is the defibsnoochulator? If it involves putting the
paddles to big tittied womyn, I (at least used to be) Red Cross
First Aid-CPR-AED certified. Besides having a MUCH better view,
women are better because you do not have to waste time shaving
off chest hair, but then I have never had to zap the Pud-Trollers

drew458 said...

Leonard - you know how a veterinarian uses a cat scan right? He passes a cat in front of a sick dog, and if there's no reaction, then the dog has no hope. Same kind of thing; bring out the first class titties and if nothing happens ... maybe it's time to face reality.

I think I have an email address for our Mr. Soylent, and will send him a concerned email. It's a couple years old. Will keep everyone posted if I hear anything.

Leonard Jones said...

Thanks, Drew!

ooGcM taobmaetS said...

I (also) have just sent him an email - like Drew, to an old (Soylent sage) address.

Maybe notes from the two of us will evoke a response.

-Steamboat McGoo-

Oh, God! Now I have to do that fucking "Prove I am not a Robot" thingy again! Arrgghh!

ooGcM taobmaetS said...

OK - I hereby declare SG to be MIA, and presumed dead.

I found another email address belonging to him, but I'm not even gonna bother.

And now - the robot - possibly for the last time. I hope its not the 'salad' one. I hate the salad one.

its the street sign one - again.

Drew458 said...

No response for me either. "SG"?? I thought this was "CM"'s blog? Maybe poor whoever-the-initials actually is dead. Or in jail. Or kidnapped by aliens. Or the Men in Black got him. He made these alternate sites because of paranoia, IIRC. Damn, any way you look at it, it's sad. I'll miss him.

Time to restart A&A for the 4th time maybe? More tales about life down on the ____, kitties, coyotes, giant aerials, and drilling more holes in concrete walls? We've had snooch, now we need more Amazing Science tied to Leftist Insanity. And I really do need to shit a brick or two.

ooGcM taobmaetS said...

Drew - don't tempt me.

There's plenty of weird Science & Tech shit (and pseudo-science & horseshit tech) out there. And I have a opinion - or at least a viewpoint - on all of it! LOL

And I have several unpublished "Denny's & Goths" - now Millennials, BTW - adventures that were written years ago. But for some of them I have actual covert video, specifically recorded for the Disbelieving Masses. (My MK II Cane-Camera worked great after I hardware-hacked the living shit out of a Nikon CoolPix L28!)

But just thinking about plying the Snooch sites again (and fighting the virii and malware) for a daily dose of decent & post-able snooch makes me dog-tired.

Maybe that's what happened to SG (yes CM, actually)? He may have just gotten snooch-hunt fatigue. Happened to me!

Leonard Jones said...

One of the bad points about Blogging is that it is an activity pretty
much reserved for people with a lot of time on their hands. Translation:
Someone between retirement and death.

As we get older, things start to malfunction and I am not just talking
ED issues. We need to get some definitive proof before we declare our
beloved Snoochmeister dead. Someone out there has to have news of
his condition. If he has gone tits up, we need to chug some suds in
his honor since a Viking funeral will be out of the question.

And as for my old friend The Great And Glorious Steamboat, let us see
if he can take a hint:

Leonard Jones said...

PS When I sent Soylent my short essay on glowbull worming, I vaguely
remember that his name was Christopher. I am looking at a list of
E-Mail address from a long dead system I saved in CSV format. I see a It is out of alphabetic order and right next to his soylentxxxx@ etc.

Does this ring a bell with anyone?

Bane said...

No more photos of naked women for you perverts to wank over?

ooGcM taobmaetS said...

LJ - "Celkins" is not his last name. Or I have his last name wrong. His initials are "CM" - as Drew mentioned.

God, I loved Monty Python. I have the entire TV collection - all 14 DVDs - all of their movies.

And now for something completely irritating ... the robot.Again.

I bet if they put Allison Angels snooch on the robot test and ask me to identify it, I could.

Or whatshernames - Nicole Graves? Or Jana Cova. She has not aged gracefully.

Leonard Jones said...

You are right Steamboat, that jogged my memory. I may recall his last
name if I do not spend too much time thinking about it. I always remember
the name of an actor for instance at the exact same time I give up
trying to remember it.

BTW that hint was all about an image that often adorned your old Blog.
It would be too much to ask of you to revive it!

Holy shit! If I can dig through Soylent's archives just before I
sent him that short essay, he posted his personal E-Mail address.
I will dig into it!

Leonard Jones said...

Dead end Steamboat. I went back to April 2014 when he posted my piece.
worked my way backward about a month before I remembered the
details of my communications with him. I used his Blogs E-
mail address so that he could get my personal address. He then
responded via his personal address.

The machine I was using at the time is long dead, and I am no longer
using the same E-Mail provider. His personal address was for the
longest time in my contacts list. There is a slim chance I may have
some archived contacts list, but I would not hold my breath.

PS the name Marlow seems to come to mind, but I could not swear to
it. I only E-Mailed him once and consider it a violation of a sacred
trust to ever compromise a Blogger. I am in regular contact with
Ant^%#(#^T!and have NEVER violated his identity.

PPS Going back to 2014, I was surprised at just how civil the tone
on Soylent was. It was a fine group of gentlemen who appreciated the
female form in all its beauty and glory. Those were the days before
the peter puffing Millennial troll came along!

Leonard Jones said...

The Feral Irishman reports that Soylent is alive! He got a response
after sending him an E-mail. Here is the link:

Dan Hayes said...


Leonard Jones said...

Steamboat, if anyone can get this it would be you:


ooGcM taobmaetS said...

LJ - well, I don't get it. What does 0o27077457500 mean?

That isn't the phone number of that chick in Norway back in '85 who kept sticking her finger up my ass during sex, is it?

Leonard Jones said...

Ten, eight, seven or two Steamboat. Try them all. For the record,
it is a number.

ooGcM taobmaetS said...

LJ - all I see on my monitor is your text comment with a string of 13 alphanumeric TEXT characters - specifically,

zero, oh, two, seven, zero, seven, seven, four, five, seven, five, zero, and zero.

Leonard Jones said...

I do not want to give too many hints, but the first two characters
are a prefix for a numeric system. The second of the two denotes
a numeric system that was used in computer programming. Think spider
and you will understand the o.

I am still reasonably certain this is so far over the head of the
Millennial peter puffer, that he will not get the clues I just provided.
But even if he does, I can block him.

Need help. I do not do the Twat, Twit or whatever, but there is where
Soylent is active. He did not tell Feral what the problem is, but I
strongly suspect it was the same thing that caused you to dump your
fine Blog. I promised Feral that I would respect Soylent's privacy,
hence the cryptic nature of my message to you.

You may be able to find him there on your own. Either way, just copy
and paste the full string into a conversion calculator and you have a
10 character number. As a former Blogger, you may stand a better
chance of getting some info from him. We are all worried about

ooGcM taobmaetS said...

Well, duh - I didn't realize it was a cipher puzzle. I thought it was one of those, "when you see it you'll shit bricks" link or sumpin. Rats.

*McGoo cogitates a few seconds*

Got it.I'll wait until later to act - I've recently suffered a debilitating hangnail, and - besides - the Signs & Portents are a bit "wiggly" at this time of the morning in the Show-Me State.

I can actually Twitter, Twat, Micro-Scrunt, Bitch-Bang, Whoopee-Cushion, etc but have to fight the urge to explosively blow yesterdays lunch out my back passage whenever I log on. This could be distasteful - or (at the very least) laundry-intensive. I think I actually have his X site name. Somewhere ...

I truly did shit-can A&A simply out of near-terminal burnout & health issues - and no other reason. But in doing so, I narrowly (and unknowingly at the time) avoided other issues. Story of my life! LOL. Goals achieved, while narrowly avoiding disaster out of simple naiveté.

Fools run where angels fear to tread.

ooGcM taobmaetS said...

I have successfully smoke-signaled He Who Is Not To be Named (And I don't mean that tentacled wussy Cthulhu or its butt-buddy Nyarlathotep!) via a combination of mental telepathy, pure force of will, and Samuel Morse's newfangled bippity-boop dot-dash code!

Our Host is swell, relatively speaking.

Patience is a virtue, So Sayeth He.

Leonard Jones said...

Steamboat, your mention of explosive diarrhea reminded me of my
gastrointestinal issues. They run from hard as concrete constipation
to Kenny McCormick explosive trots. It really sucks getting old buddy!

There were 3 geezers sitting around in a nursing home. One was 70,
another was 80 and the third guy was 90. The 70-year-old said he
really missed being able to take a good piss. The 80-year-old
said that he missed being able to take a healthy shit. The 90-year-old
I have no problem with either one. I take a good piss at 6:00 AM
and have a healthy crap at 10:30 AM. I just wish I could get the
fuck out of bed before noon!

PS "Swell relatively speaking" is very encouraging!

ooGcM taobmaetS said...

I liked The Brown Note. Wish it was real! Y'know ... for pranks in public places. My mind boggles at the potential applications ...

Yeah, our Host is apparently healthy and in good spirits over on Twatter - just busy, busy, I guess. I was afraid the Porn Cops got him or sumpin.

Anonymous said...

Fuck off. Eat shit.

Leonard Jones said...

Just when you thought you were rid of him, the peter-puffer turns up
like a bad penny. He kind of makes me want to invent the brown noise
except I assume he has some "Leakage" from getting his bunghole reamed!

Bernard said...

Hahah, I let the "robots" do the proofreading.

As for "Embiggenification"... Some eye candy Over there!

Flaxen Saxon said...

Nice 4th of July snooch. But where has our genial host gone?