Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Soylent Siberia: The Year In Review

Well, I was only exiled here in March, so it's not a full year. And I'm not going chronologically either, because #work. So here are my less-than-objective picks--okay, some will be based on traffic--for the Best Of The Year in various categories.

AGW Assclown of The Year: This was a tough one, but I'm going with James Lovelock.
Not to be confused with the contenders for  AGW Idiocies of The Year.

Thermageddon Hilarity of The Year:"Scientists say..."

UPDATE: Okay, while still good, all three of those take a back seat to the hilarious and continuing fail of the "Ice is melting at an apocalyptic rate" Thermageddon Mongers trapped in the record Antarctic sea ice while continuing to claim it has melted beyond all hope. This is as good as it gets...well, then again.

Government FAIL of the Year: Obamacare is ineligible, as its FAIL has yet to be fully realized. This was a done deal.

Monday Motivationator of The Year, because #Christina.

Tuesday Tit-illation of The Year, because #animation.

Humpday Hawt of the Year, because #most traffic.

Falconsword Fursday of The Year, because #first.

CorsetCare of the Year, because #awesome

T-GIF of The Year, because #Hoola Hoops.

Linky Love Awesome of The Year, because #triple play.

Cameltoe of The Year: This was based entirely on traffic, which on that same basis, also makes this the Blog Post of The Year.

See you next year.


ooGcM taobmaetS said...

Yep - the antarctic assholes are hilarious!

They should do a group photo of the whole bunch and put it next to the dictionary definition of Cognitive Dissonance.

SG - I still love your site! Keep fighting the good fight!

Soylent Sage said...

That's the best Christmas present I could get...accolades from the master.
Happy New Year, McGoo.

Leonard Jones said...

The fact that this warming dork's
expedition has gone Ernest Shack-
leton is the sweetest irony! These idiots believe that a 2 degree rise in average global temperature will cause the world to end and the poles

You can get a 45 degree swing from Summer to Winter on the coast of
Antarctica, and the average tamp. never even rises above freezing
even in the Summer!

Al Gore you friggen moron, the video of glacial ice breaking off
into the sea is evidence of expanding glacial ice!

How can these brain-dead dicks have failed to learn that ice
expands as it gets colder, something that I learned in Jr Hi!

Soylent Sage said...

Leonard--I won't be happy until they are rotting in a Siberian Jaila and all the money they stole is confiscated to pay our energy bills in perpetuity.
Happy New Year, Leonard.

Eric Praline said...

Ernest Shackleton? I think their expedition is more like Ernest Goes to Antarctica.
Happy New Year SG, and to all the other minions here. Here's to 2014 being the year these frauds are crucified on their precious bird shredders.

Leonard Jones said...

I would hope that they got the Eric Cartman treatment from the episode
entitled Scott Tenorman Must Die! Scott cheated Cartman and Cartman
plotted his revenge.

In the end, Cartman feeds Scott a bowl full of chili, the meat of
which was made up of Scott's parents.

Cartman ended up licking the tears off Scott's cheeks, savoring his

I want the people of America to wake up and realize that we could
have .60 cent a gallon gas and drive Hummers and 1969 Chrysler
Imperials the minute we rid the world of the neo-Luddite assholes!

Once the people realize they are being lied to, Michael Mann and
Al Gore will end up with spits stuck in their asses and portrud-
from their pie holes!

Dick-heads roasting on an open fire!